Danone Indonesia Drives Customer Engagement Using Treasure Data CDP on AWS

Executive Summary

Danone Indonesia aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking practices. Its Specialized Nutrition business unit includes several brands, each of which has historically captured its own customer data through multiple sources. The resulting data silos and time-consuming manual processes made it difficult for the company to generate actionable insights that could be used to improve marketing and customer relationship management. With the help of Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) powered by AWS, Danone Indonesia connected its fragmented data sources to capture a single view of the customer, lower cost per lead, and improve targeted marketing to drive customer engagement and retention.

Did You Say Chopped Up Data and Expired Tracking?

Since 1954, Danone Indonesia has been committed to sustainable and equitable nutrition. As part of its Specialized Nutrition business unit, it provides millions of customers with products such as SGM Eksplor, SGM Bunda, Lactamil, Bebelac, and Nutrilon Royal.

Each Specialized Nutrition brand collects its own data through a variety of customer touchpoints, including in-store interactions, website visits, and SMS, WhatsApp, and email communications. Historically, that data was tracked manually using isolated Excel sheets and CSV files, making it difficult to update and increasing cost per lead (CPL). Further, the fragmented nature of the data made it difficult to analyze customer behaviors to identify the most effective marketing and engagement strategies to support Danone Indonesia’s growing business.


Treasure Data makes it possible to collect several data sources into a single database and normalize that data across different variables, enriching customer profiles.”

Epsilon Analisa Akbar
Digital Analytics Manager, Danone Indonesia

Treasure Data Brings the Missing Ingredient to Customer Engagement

Danone Indonesia sought a solution that would allow it to aggregate multiple data points, generate analyses, and gain insights into consumer behaviors. Following a competitive pitching process, the company chose AWS Partner Treasure Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Treasure Data ‘s CDP streamlines data unification, eliminates complexity, and provides relevant insights to enable unique, personalized customer experiences throughout purchasing journeys. Treasure Data is an AWS Retail & Data and Analytics Competency Partner with an offering available in the AWS Marketplace. The Treasure Data CDP is built on and integrates with a number of AWS solutions, including Amazon Advertising, Amazon Kinesis Data Stream, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Thanks to the help of the Treasure Data team, Danone Indonesia was able to implement the CDP services quickly and easily. “The implementation process was quite seamless, and we received a lot of support to ensure that everything went smoothly,” noted Epsilon Analisa Akbar, digital analytics manager at Danone Indonesia. Henri Denafel, senior IS analyst at Danone Indonesia, added, “The Treasure Data team was excellent to work with because of the knowledge and insight of the people themselves. They made the project successful.”

Danone Indonesia

Credit: Danone Indonesia

Danone Indonesia Gets a 360° View of the Customer

The Treasure Data CDP provides a three-pronged solution to Danone Indonesia’s challenge: the ability to create a single customer view aggregated from multiple data points, the ability to more easily and cost-effectively reach precise customer segments, and the ability to engage customers at the best time with personalized messages, offers, and recommendations. “Treasure Data makes it possible to collect several data sources into a single database and normalize that data across different variables, enriching customer profiles,” said Epsilon.

With Treasure Data’s CDP, Danone Indonesia can now analyze consumer behavior in close to real time, something that was previously impossible. As a result, the company can better segment its customers to create more precise and effective marketing strategies, including automated postings across all its customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and tools. More targeted marketing optimizes advertising and CRM segments and spend, lowering overall CPL.

Importantly, Treasure Data connects with Danone Indonesia’s various consumer data sources, including its customer support line, Careline. “Because we can connect our databases to Careline, we can drive meaningful conversations based on previous customer interactions and increase engagement,” said Epsilon. With Treasure Data, Danone Indonesia can quickly identify consumer interests, track website engagement, and view previous purchases when customers call for support. This 360-degree view of the customer enables a more personalized customer journey and better overall experience. As a result, Danone Indonesia has increased customer retention, a metric that is critical for successful and sustainable business growth.


Treasure Data’s security settings are very detailed and can be customized to meet our needs. Working with Treasure Data has increased data security when it comes to PII.”

Henri Denafel
Senior IS Analyst, Danone Indonesia

Taking a Bite Out of Privacy Concerns

To help maintain customer trust, Danone Indonesia has strict policies for data privacy and security, particularly when it comes to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Treasure Data adheres to Danone Indonesia’s privacy policies and has actually improved the company’s security posture. “Treasure Data’s security settings are very detailed and can be customized to meet our needs,” said Henri. “Working with Treasure Data has increased data security when it comes to PII.” Danone sees increased privacy and security as critically important for customer retention.

A Recipe for the Future

As Danone Indonesia looks toward the future, the company is enthusiastic about continuing its collaboration with the Treasure Data team, “We have plans to extend our work with Treasure Data on future projects for years to come,” said Henri.


About Danone Indonesia

Danone Indonesia is a food and beverage company committed to sustainable nutrition for families and the health of the planet.

AWS Services Used


  • More easily and cost-effectively target precise customer segments
  • Optimize advertising and CRM spend and lower cost per lead
  • Drive meaningful customer engagement across platforms to increase retention

About the AWS Partner Treasure Data

Treasure Data offers an enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) that balances privacy and data to power great customer experiences in marketing, service, and sales. Chosen by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies around the world, Treasure Data transforms how businesses serve customers and drive growth. Treasure Data’s CDP gets marketing, sales, and support teams on the same page using a customer data foundation that unifies profiles and coordinates customer initiatives. With Treasure Data, business can personalize individual customer journeys at scale anytime, anywhere.

Published February 2023