Applications that need to perform caching, session stores, leaderboards, personalization, online transaction processing (OLTP), and real-time data with microsecond latency and high throughput to support millions of requests per second can benefit from databases specifically designed to deliver high performance. Developers traditionally relied on specialized hardware, proprietary in-memory data stores, and workarounds such as disk-based databases combined with data reduction techniques to manage data for real-time applications. AWS offers high performance databases that are purpose-built to power your high performance applications at scale with speed.

AWS Services

Purpose-built cloud products

Amazon Aurora
Unlock microsecond latency and scale with in-memory caching
Amazon DynamoDB
Fast, flexible NoSQL database service for single-digit millisecond performance at any scale
Amazon ElastiCache
Unlock microsecond latency and scale with in-memory caching
Amazon MemoryDB
Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service for ultra-fast performance
Amazon Neptune
Serverless graph database designed for superior scalability and availability
Amazon RDS
Set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud with just a few clicks
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