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AWS Amplify Hosting is a fully managed CI/CD and hosting service for fast, secure, and reliable static and server-side rendered apps that scale with your business. Supports modern web frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, and more.
Deploy web content, fast
Continuously deploy a static web or server-side rendered app, a mobile app landing page, or a progressive app on every code commit.
Reliable hosting, close to your users
Deploy to Amazon CloudFront’s content delivery network (CDN) with hundreds of points of presence globally.
Accelerate with your team
Increase the velocity of your application release cycle with built-in CI/CD workflows, pull request previews, and testing.
Build dynamic capabilities
Use with Amplify Studio or other AWS tools and services to build high-quality, full-stack apps.
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Continuous workflows

Full-stack CI/CD workflows

Connect your git branches to automatically deploy front-end and backend changes in a single workflow.

Pull Request Previews

Pull request previews

Work on new features before going live, without impacting production. Create new environments from pull requests.

One-click custom domain setup

Easy custom domains

Connect a custom domain with painless verification. Feature branches automatically get a custom domain. Get a free SSL certificate for custom and non-custom domains deployed.



Monitor hosting metrics for your app in near real-time. Create custom alarms that send notifications when a metric exceeds a threshold you set.

Instant and atomic deployments

Redirects and custom headers

Easily configure your hosted site with redirects, rewrites, and custom headers.

Password protection

Password protection

Share yet-to-be released features with internal stakeholders by setting a username and password.

How it works

How it works AWS Amplify Hosting

Get started

Get started
Build a full-stack app in hours with visual development tool

Use AWS Amplify Studio to configure an app backend, a front-end UI using Figma-design-to-code plugin, and easily connect the two. No cloud expertise needed.

Get started with Amplify Studio 
Start hosting
Deploy a Next.js 13 app to AWS with Amplify Hosting

Learn how to take advantage of Next.js features including server-side rendering (SSR), API routes, middleware, incremental static regeneration (ISR), and image optimization with a step-by-step tutorial.

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Host a static website
Host a static website in 3 easy steps

Host a secure, reliable, and fast website quickly with AWS Amplify Hosting. Set up continuous deployment to automatically deploy updates to your site on every code commit.

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