AWS DeepRacer Events

AWS DeepRacer is the fastest way to get your team started with Machine Learning (ML). Utilize the virtual 3D racing simulator, 1/18th scale autonomous RC cars, and foster organization wide collaboration and competition with guided hands-on learning. AWS DeepRacer offers online, in-person, and hybrid events that make it fun and easy to build an inclusive ML savvy company culture, no matter where in the world you may be. Accelerate your team’s ML journey by reaching out to your AWS account team to get started.

How it works

AWS DeepRacer Events offer a suite of educational tools and resources that make it easy and effective to host hands-on ML education for your team through the fun and excitement of racing autonomous vehicles. AWS experts guide your team through their ML journey from the classroom to the track.


A hands-on way to experience ML

Events start with a hands-on machine learning workshop led by an AWS expert that helps attendees learn the basics of machine learning, start training reinforcement learning models, and test them in an exciting, autonomous car racing experience.

Encourage experimentation and growth

Attendees can test their newfound skills in either a virtual or in-person event format by experimenting with multiple sensor inputs, the latest reinforcement learning algorithms, neural network configurations and simulation to-real domain transfer methods. 

Foster team building and competition

AWS DeepRacer events provide an opportunity for attendees to compete for prizes and hone their machine learning skills, online or in-person, while sharing ideas and insights on how to succeed.

Customer testimonials


"DeepRacer is really fun because it brings so many teams together all working with each other, but at the same time we're also learning something. For Sephora, customer experience is the heart of what we do. One of the key strategies within this is technology. ML plays a really big part in how we present our brand to our consumers. This basically permeates to every customer interaction." Bregadeesh Samapathy, CIO Sephora Digital SEA

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

"More than 3,500 JPMorgan Chase developers across 20 cities have learned to code and build machine learning into their workflows, use Python, Sagemaker, Jupyter Notebooks, and Reinforcement Learning and become more proficient with the AWS Console in just the past two years. This is helping us to deliver on our hybrid multi-cloud strategy and has improved mobility within the company – with software engineers pivoting their careers into AI/ML roles." George Sherman, CIO Global Technology Infrastructure.

Expedia Group

“One of the most well-run, fun and engaging events Expedia has hosted in a long time.” said Bahla Dalvi, VP of Technology for Lodging Platform, Expedia Group

Moody's Analytics

“The virtual AWS DeepRacer event was a way for us to upgrade our thinking and methodology on all ML aspects and pull them into our products and operational processes for gathering and acquiring data” says Chris Thomas, Managing Director, Moody’s Analytics Accelerator.

Reece Group

“(DeepRacer) is a great way to get a big group of our folks to become aware of the opportunities that artificial intelligence raise for our customers,”  said Marcos Kurowksi – Reece Group Chief Technology Officer


"Our AWS DeepRacer challenge harnesses our employees' enthusiasm for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It provides hands-on training across the company and accelerates Morningstar's practical application of machine learning across our investing products, services and processes. The response from our teams has gone well beyond my expectations, and it has been a fun way to unite our global teams, whether in technology or other functions," said James Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer at Morningstar.


“Learning from one of the best in tech, we worked with AWS to bring an AWS DeepRacer League to DBS. The aim was to build a critical mass of both tech and non-tech employees who are familiar with the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, me included,” said Piyush Gupta, DBS CEO.


“AWS DeepRacer has enabled us to continue team collaboration in a virtual environment whilst teaching machine learning concepts and applications to our graduates,” said Srikanth Srinivasan, Delivery Manager at Suncorp.

Flexible tools to fit your needs

Start with workshops from AWS experts

Get rolling right away with free on-demand workshop resources, or schedule a live workshop from an AWS DeepRacer Pit Crew expert at no cost (in-person or virtually). During the 90 minute hands-on course, participants will learn the basics of reinforcement learning to train their first model.

Manage users from a single account

With an AWS DeepRacer multi-user account, organizers can provide racers access to the AWS DeepRacer service under their AWS account ID, monitor spending on training and storage, enable/disable training, and view/manage models for every user using their AWS account from the AWS DeepRacer console.

Create a private race for your event

Create a private community race for your team to participate in with just a few clicks. Encourage each attendee to apply their learning by submitting their models to your race. You will receive AWS Credits for each participant on the leaderboard once the race closes.

DeepRacer Pro Finale

Broadcast globally with LIVE race tools

Simply set the date and time for the event and choose whether to broadcast the LIVE stream privately to your org or publicly for anyone to watch on popular live-streaming platforms such as Twitch. AWS DeepRacer LIVE race documentation provides resources such as ready to use video templates and frames for streaming, and quick start guides for setting up a stream. 

DeepRacer Pro Finale

Race in-person with physical devices

There's no better way to experience ML than by going hands-on to see your model perform on a real track. With options ranging from white glove track rental event services to downloadable track print files for DIY assembly, AWS DeepRacer physical races have a solution to fit nearly every budget. Our expert pit crew will join your team on site to help you run a successful race day.

DeepRacer Store

One stop shopping

The new AWS DeepRacer storefront on provides a complete list of every recommended item needed to host an in person race with your AWS DeepRacer device. From cars to tracks, batteries to zip ties, we've taken the guess work out of planning so you can focus on racing!

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AWS Machine Learning community awards

When you host AWS DeepRacer events you close the ML skills gap in your workforce. When you educate over 1,000 participants, your organization will be presented with an AWS ML Community award during a special recognition ceremony at AWS re:Invent. In addition, ML Community award recipients gain access to exclusive perks, such as special invites for your top DeepRacer developers to compete in the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup. Help your organization make their way towards the winner’s podium today »

Who should host an AWS DeepRacer event?

AWS DeepRacer is designed to help enterprise customers in any stage of their ML journey. Whether your company is new to ML or has a dedicated team of experienced ML practitioners, AWS DeepRacer can help companies interested in: upskilling their workforce, inspiring ML innovation in the workplace, filling the ML talent gap, or getting started with ML.

Who should attend an AWS DeepRacer event?

AWS DeepRacer events are suitable for technical and non-technical personnel to explore, problem solve, and build skills with ML. Developers looking for education in ML or ML practitioners (e.g. data scientists) looking to put their skills to the test can benefit from learning the fundamentals of reinforcement learning to help them build RL models that can translate to real world use cases. Employees from any part of the business can build a foundation understanding of how they can leverage ML to solve business problems.

How do I get started with an AWS DeepRacer event at my company?

To get started, reach out to your AWS account representative for additional information.

Example AWS DeepRacer Enterprise Event Timeline

AWS DeepRacer Events offer a wide range of options for educating your teams on ML to fit any budget. Whether gathering in-person at your office, or connecting virtually from opposite sides of the world, AWS DeepRacer offers easy to use resources and support that make learning fun and engaging. Below is a common example for hosting an AWS DeepRacer event. Reach out today to start customizing your event to meet your team's ML education goals.

5 weeks | Event prep

Depending on your event format, you'll be ready to plan and execute a successful DeepRacer event in as little as 4-6 weeks. Your AWS pit crew will guide you through preparation, from generating interest to hosting a race.

2 weeks | Workshop

During the workshop, participants will learn about Reinforcement Learning (RL) and how to create, tweak, and train their AWS DeepRacer model for racing. The 60-minute workshop can be conducted online or in-person, and covers everything you need to get rolling.

Race day

Races can take place in a variety of formats: virtual or in-person, as a single race day event or over the course of a few weeks. There are a variety of options to make it convenient to build a race or series that works for your team, whether meeting in office or competing across the globe.

1+ Week | Wrap-up

Leading ML with AWS DeepRacer can be a great publicity moment for your business. Show your customers that you're ahead of the pack by sharing your team's ML journey! Following your event, continue on the road to ML success by working with your AWS representative to determine which next steps are right for you.