AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise

Fully Managed Puppet Master

AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise is a fully managed configuration management service that hosts Puppet Enterprise, a set of automation tools from Puppet for infrastructure and application management. OpsWorks also maintains your Puppet master server by automatically patching, updating, and backing up your server. OpsWorks eliminates the need to operate your own configuration management systems or worry about maintaining its infrastructure. OpsWorks gives you access to all of the Puppet Enterprise features, which you manage through the Puppet console. It also works seamlessly with your existing Puppet code.

7,500 node hours free

per month with the AWS Free Tier


Fully Managed Puppet Master

AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise will automatically patch, update, and backup your Puppet masters as well as maintain their availability through scheduled system maintenance. A Puppet master is a central server that provisions, configures, and manages Puppet nodes. You can automatically register new nodes through the API, and they are backed by AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) instance profile permissions.

Programmable Infrastructure

With Puppet Enterprise, you can define configurations for your servers in a format that you can maintain and version just like your application source code. The Puppet master ensures your servers are consistently configured and maintained. You can also configure your nodes dynamically based on the state of other nodes. 

Scaling Made Easy

You can set up Auto Scaling to automatically register and provision new nodes. Whenever you scale out, the launch configurations you set in Auto Scaling will associate the new node to your Puppet master. You can also choose the instance size and type that your Puppet master runs on to meet the scale of your server fleet, from a few nodes to thousands of nodes.

Support from Puppet Community

Find modules for Open Source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise IT automation software on the Puppet Forge repository. Modules are the building blocks for Puppet, consisting of self-contained, reusable, and shareable units of Puppet code (Puppet’s configuration language). You can use any Puppet community-built modules or manifests with your Puppet master.


AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise runs your Puppet master on an Amazon EC2 instance in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. This means you can control inbound and outbound network access to your Puppet master. You can also use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to set fine-grained access controls on which users and resources can access your Puppet master instance. 

Simple to Manage Hybrid Environments

Puppet master lets you seamlessly administer your Linux or Windows server nodes running on Amazon EC2 and on-premises. Once you have defined your server configurations, nodes across your hybrid environments will periodically request and check their state against a catalog from the Puppet master, and they will correct any resources that are not in the desired state.

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