AWS WAF partners help customers implement AWS WAF to protect their web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

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North America

AWS WAF is an important aspect of our security with agility practice, particularly with retail organizations who must meet PCI requirements. We use AWS WAF to keep businesses’ web apps safe and ensure application availability is high, all while making sure resources are applied where they need to be.

REAN Cloud helps customers develop, build, and integrate a secure infrastructure based upon their specific needs and industry regulations. We help our customers increase the security posture of their web applications by using AWS WAF to help protect against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, reduce application vulnerability, and provide tight integration with Amazon CloudFront and Elastic Load Balancing.

The scalability of having the web application firewall enables customers to focus less on the high availability of additional servers in their VPC but rather on the security and compliance requirements by configuring WAF. Furthermore, the AWS WAF supports an API which ensures rules, configurations, and policies can be automated, consistent, and enforced continuously with REAN Cloud’s cloud consulting services.

SecureWorks is the leading Managed Security provider globally. As part of our core capabilities we provide 24x7 monitoring and management of a variety of leading Firewalls, WAF’s and IDS’s. In addition, SecureWorks has a large incident response, consulting and threat intelligence business. AWS WAF features prominently in all four areas of our core business. SecureWorks Solutions and Risk Consulting compliments this offering by helping customers with design and deployment of the AWS WAF and other AWS security capabilities.

Toptal provides a reliable pipeline of qualified software professionals who can enable shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and more dependable releases among other agile software development goals.

Asia Pacific

Customer-facing content intensive workloads are most prone to web exploits, and affect user experience or even application availability. CloudKinetics provides the necessary guidance and consulting to ensure the application architecture can combat/withstand such threats. The key challenge in web security is to stop the attacker at the gates using technologies such as AWS WAF CloudKinetics, with its vast experience in architecting secure, scalable, highly available cost effective solutions have been able to provide solutions to leading content creators, media platforms, entertainment platforms and online portals for jobs and e-commerce. We have a successful track record of having managed all security related incidents for all our clients with no breaches and minimal downtime.

Ecloudvalley Digital Technology is the professional agent of Amazon Web Services in Taiwan. We provide licensed original AWS services, including cloud storage, disaster backup, server hosting, server monitoring and many other services; also we provide solutions for our customers for management consultant roles, such as working environments for our customers to diagnose existing information security risks, system architecture weaknesses, how to improve the system performance, as well as how to save corporate expense on IT.

Internet Consulting Group utilizes the combination of Amazon CloudFront and AWS WAF to provide website protection against unwanted flood requests by automating detection of unwanted traffic based on request rates. This automation can then update these configurations on AWS WAF to block subsequent requests from known bad users.

Security is crucial for our customers, so we take customers’ security awareness and application protection seriously. We help our customers make use of AWS WAF on top of Amazon CloudFront for tracking any possible threats from attackers. The aims are to: 1) to reduce the risk of causing performance issues by injections; 2) reduce license cost of using top-tier vendors when using similar functions of AWS WAF.

Nextlink integrates AWS WAF with AWS CloudFront to help protect your web applications from common web exploits that could affect application availability, compromise security, or consume excessive resources.

As customers’ demand is changing from simple workload to enterprise wide complex workload in Korea, the consideration about security area is getting more important. Megazone provides support for AWS WAF on the AWS Cloud.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Bashton is part of Claranet Group, a Europe wide AWS Partner, including Morea (France) and Celingest (Spain). Bashton have two key focus areas: e-commerce and media. Amazon CloudFront is used for whole site acceleration, caching and serving dynamically generated pages where possibly as well as just static assets. AWS WAF provides a useful layer of additional security.

CloudMas is a technology services provider applied to business processes, and is also an associate and the official trading company of Amazon Web Services products. CloudMas implements AWS WAF service for attacks prevention, manages the traffic, and block of IPs with the aim to implement its security.

As an active and experienced AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we don’t just deliver strategy, planning, implementation, and business transformation, but invest heavily in operational services and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for our customers. We operate using an innovative competency based offering, covering Cloud Data Center, Application Innovation, e-Commerce, Digital Estates, Data Analytics, Cloud Adoption, and Cloud Service Line. AWS WAF is an integral part of protecting our customer’s applications. Through the use of the AWS WAF Cloudreach can help mitigate attacks for our customers and provides a managed service thereby relieving the customer of the operational overhead. Along with other AWS security services, AWS WAF makes up a core component of the security stack that can be integrated into customer environments to ensure protection across all layers of the cloud service models.


Classmethod is the cloud integrator in Japan. Classmethod is focused on system environment, mobile application, and big data solution, using AWS products for improving productivity of the customer. Classmethod uses AWS WAF as a security component for Websites. It is effective tool for SQL injection, cross site script, DDos attack, and IP Address access control.

Latin America

Cloudster has an established reputation for delivering IT security on AWS, helping to bring companies rock solid security solutions.

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