Trace user requests through your application while meeting your security and compliance objectives.
Identify bottlenecks and determine where high latencies are occurring to improve application performance.
Remove data silos and get the information you need to improve user experience and reduce downtime.
Debug serverless applications in real time, and monitor both cloud cost and performance metrics.

How it works

AWS X-Ray provides a complete view of requests as they travel through your application and filters visual data across payloads, functions, traces, services, APIs, and more with no-code and low-code motions.

Diagram illustrating how AWS X-Ray collects, records, and maps traces to help users analyze issues.

Use cases

Analyze and debug applications

Receive trace data from your simple and complex applications, whether they are in development or production.

Generate a detailed service map

Compile data from your AWS resources to determine bottlenecks in your cloud architecture and improve application performance.

View performance analytics

Compare trace sets with different conditions for root cause analysis purposes.

Audit your data securely

Configure X-Ray to meet your security and compliance objectives.

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