AWS Local Zones are a type of AWS infrastructure deployment that place compute, storage, database, and other select services closer to large population, industry, and IT centers, enabling you to deliver applications that require single-digit millisecond latency to end-users.

AWS Services

You can use AWS Local Zones to run various AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Amazon Elastic Block Store, Amazon FSx, Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon EMR, Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon Relational Database Service in geographic proximity to your end users, with more services to be added in the future. You can also use On-Demand Capacity Reservation to reserve capacity for your Amazon EC2 instances in a specific Local Zone.You can enable Local Zones without any additional fees. You pay only for the services you consume in Local Zones. 

The table below lists services available in each of the AWS Local Zones.

AWS Local Zones
Amazon EC2 Amazon EBS
Amazon ECS Amazon EKS Amazon VPC
Amazon FSx Amazon ELB Amazon EMR Amazon ElastiCache Amazon RDS
Amazon Direct Connect
Los Angeles T3, C5, M5, R5, R5d, I3en, G4 instances General Purpose SSD (gp2) and Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1)
Boston (preview)
T3, C5, R5, and G4 instances
General Purpose SSD (gp2)            
Houston (preview) T3, C5, R5, and G4 instances General Purpose SSD (gp2)            
Miami (preview) T3, C5, R5, and G4 instances General Purpose SSD (gp2)            

Compute and Storage

AWS Local Zones offer a selection of general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized, accelerated computing, and storage optimized Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance families (including T3, C5, M5, R5, R5d, I3en, G4) as well as Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes such as General Purpose SSD (gp2) and Provisioned IOPS SSD (io1) for persistent local block storage. AWS Local Zones also offers two file services locally: Amazon FSx for Lustre (a high-performance POSIX file system) and AWS FSx for Windows File Server (native Microsoft Windows file system).


You can run Kubernetes pods in the Local Zones as part of your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service clusters. You can also run Amazon Elastic Container Service tasks in the Local Zones.


Seamlessly extend Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in an account to span across Availability Zones and AWS Local Zones. You can create a subnet in your regional VPC and associate it with a Local Zone just as you associate subnets with an Availability Zone in an AWS Region to extend all VPC features including Security Groups, Network ACLs, and Route Tables to a Local Zone.

Internet & Direct Connect

Local Zones have local internet ingress and egress to reduce latency. Local Zones also support AWS Direct Connect, giving you the opportunity to route your traffic over a private network connection.

Access Regional Services

AWS Local Zones allow you to seamlessly connect to the full range of services in the AWS Region such as Amazon S3 and DynamoDB through the same APIs and tool sets over AWS’s private and high bandwidth network backbone.

AWS Tools

AWS tools such as AWS CloudFormation, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, and others can be used to run and manage workloads as they do for Cloud workloads today.

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