• Announcing Amazon DevPay (limited beta)

    Posted On: Dec 18, 2007

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new service, Amazon DevPay (limited beta), a simple-to-use billing and account management service that makes it very easy for developers to get paid for applications they build on Amazon Web Services. Amazon DevPay removes the pain of having to create or manage your own order pipeline or billing system. It allows you to quickly sign up customers, automatically meter their usage of AWS services, have Amazon bill them based on any combination of up-front, recurring, or usage-based fees you set, and collect payments. At this stage of the beta, we have limited spots available for developers who would like to charge for their Amazon EC2 AMIs or Amazon S3-based applications; you can learn more and sign up at http://aws.amazon.com/devpay. If the beta program is closed when you try to sign up, we’ll note your interest and let you know when there is additional availability.

  • Announcing Amazon SimpleDB (limited beta)

    Posted On: Dec 13, 2007

    Amazon Web Services has announced its newest service, Amazon SimpleDB, which will be made available as a limited beta sometime in the next few weeks. Amazon SimpleDB is a web service for running queries on structured data in real time. This service works in close conjunction with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), collectively providing the ability to store, process and query data sets in the cloud. Traditionally, this type of functionality has been accomplished with a clustered relational database that requires a sizable upfront investment, brings more complexity than is typically needed, and often requires a DBA to maintain and administer. In contrast, Amazon SimpleDB is easy to use and provides the core functionality of a database – real-time lookup and simple querying of structured data – without the operational complexity. Read more about Amazon SimpleDB and sign up to be notified when beta slots are available.

  • Announced: AWS Start-Up Challenge Winner!

    Posted On: Dec 6, 2007

    Out of over 900 business plan entries submitted by developers building their products and services using the AWS platform, Ooyala is announced the winner of the Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge. Ooyala is a video company delivering a high quality interactive video experience with monetization and analytics tools for video publishers and advertisers. As the grand prize winner, Ooyala will receive $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in Amazon Web Service credits and an investment offer from Amazon.com. Click here for more on the contest.

  • "Pay Now" Widget for Amazon Flexible Payment Service

    Posted On: Dec 5, 2007

    Amazon Web Services recently released an easy tool to integrate with Amazon Flexible Payment Service (Amazon FPS). The “Pay Now” Widget provides a simple HTML interface allowing anyone to accept Amazon Payments on their Web site. Utilizing Amazon FPS, the “Pay Now” Widget lets you set the price and payment rules, while giving your customer access to a familiar Amazon payment experience and fraud protection. Click here to get started.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Available on Amazon EC2

    Posted On: Nov 7, 2007

    Red Hat has announced the beta availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on Amazon EC2. This collaboration between AWS and Red Hat marries all the capabilities of both RHEL and EC2. Now developers can pay as they go for resizable compute capacity in the cloud while accessing the Red Hat Network management service, world class technical support, and over 3,000 certified applications. Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2 is available as a private beta today, with public beta availability planned for the fourth calendar quarter of 2007. For more information on the offering, and to indicate your interest in the beta program, please visit http://www.redhat.com/solutions/cloud.

  • Amazon S3 Now Available in Europe

    Posted On: Nov 6, 2007

    Amazon Web Services has launched European storage for the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), allowing software developers and businesses to store their data in Europe. Read more about this announcement in the press release or get started today by signing up for Amazon S3.

  • Amazon EC2: Now in Unlimited Beta and Launching New Instance Types

    Posted On: Oct 22, 2007

    The Amazon EC2 Beta is now open to all developers and any developer can sign up to start using Amazon EC2 today (view forum announcement). Additionally, Amazon EC2 has launched “Large” and “Extra Large” instance types to provide more memory, CPU, and instance storage, and are based on 64bit technology. The Large Instance is equivalent to roughly four Small Instances (original instance), and the Extra Large Instance is roughly equivalent to eight Small Instances. This was a popular request from customers that we’re very happy to address with this release. Read more details about these Instances.

  • Announcing "AWS Start-Up Challenge": Win $100,000 Plus an Investment Offer From Amazon

    Posted On: Sep 12, 2007

    AWS has launched the AWS Start-Up Challenge, a contest for entrepreneurs and software developers that will award the winner $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in AWS credits, an investment offer from Amazon.com, and more.

  • Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS) - Limited Beta

    Posted On: Aug 2, 2007

    Amazon Web Services has opened a limited beta of Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS). Amazon FPS is the first payments service designed from the ground up specifically for developers. The set of web services APIs allows the movement of money between any two entities, humans or computers. It is built on top of Amazon’s reliable and scalable payment infrastructure. “Learn more about this new service”/fps.

  • Announcing the New Version of Alexa Web Search Service

    Posted On: Jun 6, 2007

    Alexa Web Search service, offered by Amazon Web Services, launched a new version of the Alexa Web Search service that returns up to 1 million search results from a single query, allows complex queries involving thousands of search terms, and gives programmatic access to the actual page content of the documents matching a query. This release enables any developer to innovate in search at web scale using the power of Alexa’s search engine, web crawl and Amazon’s infrastructure web services. For more information, please see the recent forum announcement.

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk Developer Sandbox

    Posted On: May 1, 2007

    In April, Amazon Mechanical Turk announced the Mechanical Turk Developer Sandbox, a simulated environment that allows developers to test their applications and HIT requests before launching them live. No money is needed to create HITs on the Developer Sandbox and no money changes hands for approved work. For more information, go to: http://sandbox.mturk.com