Posted On: Oct 4, 2012

Static websites is one of the fastest growing features in the history of Amazon S3. We’re excited to announce support for web page redirects, a new feature that makes it even easier to manage changes to static websites hosted on Amazon S3.

Web page redirects enable you to change the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a web page on your Amazon S3 hosted website (e.g., from to without breaking links or bookmarks pointing to the old URL. Users accessing the old URL will automatically be redirected to the new one. Web page redirects also prevent the search ranking of a web page from being impacted when moved to a new URL. Search engines visiting the old URL receive a response that the web page has moved to the new URL. This enables search engines to apply the search ranking information of the old web page in building the ranking for the new one.

Please see the Amazon S3 Developer guide for more information on hosting static websites on Amazon S3 and configuring a web page redirect.