Posted On: Oct 29, 2012

Early in 2012, we launched the AWS Storage Gateway, which allowed customers to download a virtual storage gateway from AWS, associate local data with it, and asynchronously back up that local data to AWS. Many customers are using this service. Other customers have asked us how they can use the AWS Storage Gateway to save their primary data to Amazon S3 (to enjoy more cost savings) yet retain some portion of it locally in a cache for frequently accessed data. For this use case, we’re excited to announce the immediate availability of Gateway-Cached Volumes. Gateway-Cached volumes enable you to store primary data in Amazon S3 via the standard Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI). By storing your data on Amazon S3, you minimize the need to scale your local storage infrastructure.

As part of this announcement, we’ve also removed the beta tag from the AWS Storage Gateway, making the service Generally Available. You can learn more by visiting the AWS Storage Gateway User Guide or joining our Dec 5 Webinar.