Posted On: Nov 21, 2012

We're pleased to announce that beginning today, you can subscribe SQS queues to SNS topics via the SQS console. Customers tell us that SNS enables powerful fanout scenarios, where identical messages are transmitted to multiple SQS queues. For example, if you process a piece of media with multiple passes (say, metadata, thumbnails and OCR), fanout lets you accomplish those steps in parallel. It means your media files are processed faster and with less risk of delay due to bottlenecks at any one stage.

SNS+SQS has been available for a while, and in fact SNS offers free notifications to SQS queues. But it's previously been a complicated process, requiring customers to set permissions manually. This new console functionality makes the process far quicker and easier. It is available today in all regions.

Getting started with Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS is easy with our free tiers of service. To learn more, visit the Amazon SQS page and the Amazon SNS page.