Posted On: Dec 18, 2012

Amazon CloudSearch users can now take advantage of two new features to manage their search applications.

The Amazon CloudSearch rank comparison feature provides a new way to visually compare changes to rank expressions. Developers can quickly see how different rank expressions and field weights impact the sorting of search results in side-by-side windows. Field weights can be adjusted by using slider bars. Fast A/B testing and rapid iteration of rank expressions are enabled, without rebuilding the index. To learn more about comparing rank expressions watch this video.

The Amazon CloudSearch analytics reports provide insight into search effectiveness and user behavior. Metrics data can be tracked for each search domain including:

  • Total Searches—the total number of searches
  • Searches with No Results—the number of searches for which no matching documents were found
  • Top Searches—the most frequent searches
  • Frequent Searches without Results—the most frequent searches for which no matching documents were found
  • Top Documents—the documents that were most frequently returned in search results

Analytics reports can be viewed through the Amazon CloudSearch console and downloaded in CSV format for specific date ranges.

These features are available immediately. For more information, see Comparing Rank Expressions and Viewing Search Metrics in the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide.