Posted On: May 18, 2017

Amazon AppStream 2.0 now provides users with persistent storage, backed by Amazon S3. Users can access a home folder on their streaming instance, and save content in this folder for use between streaming sessions. Users can also download and upload files in the home folder directly from a web browser, when connected to a streaming session. All files are stored in an S3 bucket, which is automatically created in your AWS account.

To provide persistent storage for your users, you will need to enable the home folders feature for each AppStream 2.0 stack that you create via the AWS Management Console or the AWS SDK. When you enable home folders for the first time in an AWS region, AppStream 2.0 will create an Amazon S3 bucket in your account (one per AWS Region), which is used to store all home folders files associated with your AppStream 2.0 stacks. Home folders are created for each user the first time they start a streaming session using a stack where home folders has been enabled. Users have secure access to their home folder across all the AppStream 2.0 stacks they can access in an AWS region. To enable home folders, stacks must use fleets running images that were built from an AWS published image created on or after May 18th. To learn more about enabling persistent storage for your AppStream 2.0 users, see Persistent Storage with Home Folders.

Persistent storage for Amazon AppStream 2.0 is available today in all AWS Regions where AppStream 2.0 is offered. Standard Amazon S3 storage pricing applies for content stored in your S3 bucket. For more information, see Amazon S3 Pricing.

If you are new to AppStream 2.0, you can try already-installed applications by visiting the AppStream 2.0 website.