Posted On: Jun 1, 2017

Starting today, Amazon QuickSight customers can leverage Amazon Redshift Spectrum to visualize and analyze vast amounts of unstructured data in their Amazon S3 “data lake” – without having to load or transform any data. In addition, customers can now visualize combined data sets that include frequently accessed data stored in Amazon Redshift and bulk data sets stored cost-effectively in Amazon S3 using the same SQL syntax of Amazon Redshift. 

Amazon Redshift Spectrum enables you to run Amazon Redshift SQL queries against exabytes of data in Amazon S3. Redshift Spectrum applies sophisticated query optimization, scaling processing across thousands of nodes so results are fast – even with large data sets and complex queries. 

This feature is now available in the following QuickSight regions - US East (N. Virginia and Ohio) and US West (Oregon).

To learn more, see the latest Big Data blog post on QuickSight.