Posted On: Feb 16, 2018

Real-Time Insights on AWS Account Activity is a solution that can help you more easily monitor your AWS account activity in real-time. This solution automatically provisions the services necessary to record and visualize resource access and usage metrics for your AWS account(s). Real-Time Insights on AWS Account Activity is designed to provide a framework for visualizing metrics in real-time, allowing you to focus on adding new metrics rather than underlying infrastructure operations.  

For customers without a method to record and visualize account activity metrics, this solution can provide valuable insight into who is accessing your resources and how your resources are being used. This insight can help you make better-informed decisions that increase security and efficiency, facilitate compliance auditing, and optimize costs. 

The solution deploys AWS CloudTrail to log account activity, Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics to compute metrics in real-time, and Amazon DynamoDB to durably store the computed data. The solution also features a customizable dashboard that visualizes your account activity in real-time. Metrics are calculated for create, modify, and delete API calls for more than 60 supported AWS services. For pricing details, see the pricing webpage for each AWS service you will be using in this solution. To learn more about the Real-Time Insights on AWS Account Activity, see the solution webpage.