Posted On: Aug 3, 2018

Alexa for Business now lets IT administrators monitor when shared devices are deregistered from the Alexa for Business account. Shared devices are placed in common areas, such as conference rooms and building lobbies, and are managed centrally with the Alexa for Business console. By knowing when shared devices are deregistered, you can take corrective action and delete the deregistered devices from the console.  

This feature is automatically enabled for all Alexa for Business customers. The dashboard in the Alexa for Business console shows you the total number of devices that are offline or deregistered at any given moment. To proactively be notified when devices get deregistered, you can use Amazon CloudWatch and create alarms to alert you when one or more devices are deregistered or go offline. To learn more about creating alarms in Amazon CloudWatch, please see the documentation.  

Alexa for Business lets you efficiently introduce Alexa to your organization. It provides you the tools to manage Alexa devices, users, and skills at scale. You can view the status of shared devices in the Alexa for Business console in all AWS Regions where the service is available. For more information, see the Alexa for Business website.