Posted On: Oct 23, 2018

You can now connect to Amazon EFS file systems from EC2 instances in other AWS regions using an inter-region VPC peering connection, and from on-premises servers using an AWS VPN connection. 

Support for AWS VPN complements existing support for AWS Direct Connect, further enabling you to move data between on-premises servers and Amazon EFS. This allows you to back up your on-premises data to EFS, migrate data sets to EFS, and temporarily burst workloads into AWS.

With support for inter-region VPC peering, you can connect EC2 instances in one region to EFS file systems in another. This allows you to copy frequently-accessed data across regions to optimize performance, and synchronize data across AWS Regions for disaster recovery.

Access to Amazon EFS with AWS VPN and inter-region peering is available in all Amazon EFS regions. There is no additional cost for on-premises or inter-region access to your Amazon EFS file systems. You will be billed for any AWS Direct Connect, AWS VPN, or VPC peering connections that you create, as well as associated data transfer fees. For pricing information in your region, please visit the Amazon EFS pricing page, and see the AWS Region Table for complete regional availability information. To learn more about how to access your Amazon EFS file systems, please consult the Amazon EFS documentation.