Posted On: Nov 20, 2018

You can now access your Amazon Aurora Serverless database using a new built-in Data API. This API enables you to easily access Aurora Serverless with web services-based applications including AWS Lambda and AWS AppSync. The Data API Beta is available for the MySQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora Serverless in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. There is no additional charge to use the Data API Beta. 

Traditionally, database developers have built applications using the native MySQL protocol, which requires a persistent connection to the database and language specific libraries. The Data API provides an easier way to access the capabilities of Aurora Serverless by providing a secure HTTP endpoint and integration with the AWS SDK. You can use the endpoint to execute any SQL statement just like you would through the MySQL native protocol without the hassle of having to manage connections. The AWS SDK makes it easy to incorporate query results into your application. 

The Data API leverages database credentials stored in AWS Secrets Manager, eliminating the need to pass credentials in the API calls. For developers using AWS Lambda, the new Web Services Data API provides a secure way for to access your database without the additional overhead for Lambdas to be launched in an Amazon VPC. In addition, AWS AppSync now includes built-in support for the Data API, enabling developers to easily create a GraphQL API for their apps backed by Aurora Serverless.

Learn more about the Data API in the Amazon Aurora User Guide