Posted On: Nov 19, 2018

AWS Systems Manager Automation now supports multi-account and multi-Region actions, enabling you to centrally manage your AWS resources. This feature reduces the time and overhead required for enterprise-wide configuration and compliance remediation.

Multiple accounts and multiple Regions are used by enterprises to help provide proper cost allocation, agility, and security. The Systems Manager Automation multi-account and multi-Region capability simplifies management by helping you securely take actions on AWS resources and view the results from a central account. For example, you can centrally implement patching and security updates, configure key resources such as stopping EC2 instances with a tag, and remediate configuration compliance drifts on, for example, VPC configurations or S3 bucket policies. 

This feature is available in GovCloud (US) and commercial Regions (excluding China Regions). You can use multi-Region actions in the same AWS partitions (for example, in GovCloud or commercial Regions).

Systems Manager Automation multi-account and multi-Region actions are considered special steps, which are priced per step. See the AWS Systems Manager Pricing page for details.

Visit the AWS Systems Manager Documentation or Product page to learn more about this feature. You can also read the blog to see an example use case.