Posted On: Jan 10, 2019

With AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO), you can now enable your users to get to the AWS resources they manage quickly. You can now configure relay state for AWS accounts to direct your users to a specific AWS console page, such as the Amazon EC2 console, instead of going to AWS console home page when they choose AWS account in the user portal. You can configure relay state for each permission set that you manage in AWS SSO, allowing you to set the AWS console page corresponding to the AWS resource defined in the permission set. To learn more about how to direct your users to a specific AWS Management Console page, see Manage SSO to Your AWS Accounts.

With AWS SSO, you can manage access to multiple AWS accounts in your AWS Organizations. AWS SSO also provides built-in integration with many business applications such as Salesforce, Office 365, and Box. Users get one-click access to assigned accounts and applications by signing in to the AWS SSO user portal. 

This new feature is available in all regions where AWS Single Sign-On is available. To get started with AWS SSO, see Introducing AWS Single Sign-On.