Posted On: May 7, 2019

You can now use AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager to select and apply Microsoft application patches automatically across your Amazon EC2 or on-premises instances. This brings Microsoft application patching to the same AWS Systems Manager solution that you use today to patch Microsoft Windows, saving time and simplifying your patch processes to manage both Microsoft operating system and application patching from one location.

Systems Manager Patch Manager helps keep your AWS and on-premises instances compliant by defining operating system and software patch baselines that can be applied at preset times or on an ad-hoc basis to keep your instances up-to-date. With this update, Patch Manager now enables you to scan your Microsoft applications for missing patches as defined by your baselines. It also enables you to apply these patches to your EC2 or on-premises instances. This Microsoft application patching enhancement is available at no additional charge for EC2 instances and incurs a charge as part of the On-Premises Instance Management advanced tier when used on premises; see the pricing page for details. 

All application patches available in the Microsoft update catalog are supported. To get started, simply create an application patch baseline in the same manner as you do operating system patch baselines from the Patch Manager console, CLI or API. 

This enhancement is available in all commercial Regions and AWS GovCloud (US). For more information, see our documentation. To learn more about AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager, visit our product page.