Posted On: Aug 6, 2019

Starting today, Amazon RDS for Oracle db.m5 and db.r5 instance classes are available in new 8xlarge and 16xlarge sizes. With support for these new instance sizes, customers who are currently using either m4.10xlarge, m4.16xlarge, r4.8xlarge, or r4.16xlarge now have an easy upgrade path to the latest generation of instances. 

M5 instances are the latest generation of general purpose instances and provide improved performance over current generation M4 instances. The M5 instance family provides a balance of compute, memory, and network resources, and is a good choice for many database workloads. 

R5 instances are the latest generation of memory optimized instances that deliver 5% additional memory per vCPU and up to 20% increased CPU performance over R4 instances. R5 instances are well suited for running memory intensive database workloads including transaction processing, data warehousing, and analytics.

To get started, visit the AWS Management Console, AWS RDS Command Line Interface (CLI), and AWS RDS API. To learn more about pricing and regional availability, refer to the Amazon RDS for Oracle pricing page