Posted On: Oct 25, 2019

Alexa users can now inform meeting participants that they are running late to a meeting or event on the calendar, by saying “Alexa, I’m running late.” Customers can also specify how late they expect to be by saying “Alexa, I’ll be 10 min late for my next meeting.” Alexa will send a short email to all meeting participants, informing them of the delay after confirming the meeting the customer is referring to.

If the meeting is with only one other person, Alexa will occasionally offer to help reschedule the meeting if you will be more than 10 minutes late. If Alexa finds a conference bridge in the meeting invite, Alexa will occasionally offer to help join the meeting via web conferencing so you can start participating in the meeting while you arrive in person.

Getting Started: This feature is available to all Alexa customers in the US today, thanks to Alexa for Business. You can start using this feature by easily linking your Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook, Google G Suite or Gmail, or Apple iCloud calendar and email accounts with Alexa. This voice command can be used with Alexa devices on your desk, the Alexa app, or an Echo Auto device in your car. For questions, suggestions, or feedback, contact customer support or post on our community forums.

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