Posted On: Nov 25, 2019

The AWS Serverless Application Model Command Line Interface, SAM CLI, now allows you to deploy applications with a single command: sam deploy. SAM CLI is a deployment toolkit that also allows you to locally build, test, and debug serverless applications.  

Previously, deploying applications through SAM CLI required more than one step and needed you to provide an Amazon S3 bucket for the Lambda deployment package. SAM CLI now creates and manages this S3 bucket for you. It also allows you to easily configure the deployment parameters, and execute subsequent deployments by running the sam deploy command without parameters.

The sam deploy command now comes with a guided interactive mode (sam deploy -- guided). This mode walks you through the parameters required for deployment, provides default options, and saves your input for the given application. You can also see changes made to the application stack that will be deployed through the sam deploy command output, as well as configure the command to ask for confirmation on changes before deploying. To get started, install the AWS SAM CLI

You can learn more about the sam deploy command at the AWS SAM CLI Command Refence. You can also use SAM CLI with IDEs like AWS Cloud9 and AWS Toolkits for PyCharm, IntelliJ, and VS Code. To learn more about AWS SAM, visit our product page.