Posted On: Nov 20, 2019

AWS Storage Gateway launched high availability (HA) for VMware environments, new reports on gateway performance, and additional options to manage gateway software updates.  

Storage Gateway now provides high availability on VMware through a set of health-checks integrated with VMware vSphere High Availability (VMware HA). With this enhancement, a Storage Gateway deployed in a VMware environment on-premises, or in VMware Cloud on AWS, will automatically recover from most service interruptions in under 60 seconds. This update protects storage workloads against hardware, hypervisor, or network failures, or software errors, such as connection timeouts and file share or volume unavailability.  

Additionally, with Amazon CloudWatch reports embedded into their Storage Gateway Management Console, customers now have ongoing visibility into cache utilization, gateway access patterns, and throughput and I/O metrics, enabling customers to more easily optimize storage, compute, and network resources allocated to their gateways as workloads evolve. The new gateway software maintenance options give customers more granular control over updates to their gateways, which helps them meet uptime requirements of enterprise-wide applications that need to operate without interruption. 

These capabilities are available for new gateways today and will be available for existing gateways in an upcoming update. To learn more visit the AWS Storage Gateway web page.