Posted On: Mar 3, 2020

AWS Secrets Manager now supports larger secret size of up to 64 Kb, making it easier for customers to manage secrets such as certificates with a long chain of trust. Secrets Manager also supports higher request rates for the GetSecretValue API operation of up to 2000 requests per second. These increased service quotas will be applied to your accounts automatically. No further action required on your end. 

AWS Secrets Manager enables you to retrieve and manage secrets such as database credentials and API keys throughout their lifecycle. AWS Secrets Manager also makes it easier to follow the security best practice of using short-term secrets by rotating secrets safely on a schedule that you determine. For example, you can configure Secrets Manager to rotate a database credential daily, turning a typical, long-term secret in to a short-term secret that is rotated automatically.  

Increased service quotas are available in all regions where the service operates. For a list of regions where Secrets Manager is available, see the AWS Region table. To learn more about Secrets Manager, visit the documentation or read AWS blogs on Store, Distribute, and Rotate Credentials Securely and Rotate Amazon RDS database credentials automatically with Secrets Manager. To get started, visit the Secrets Manager home page.