AWS Data Migration Service now supports copying graph data from relational sources to Amazon Neptune

Posted on: Jun 1, 2020

AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) now supports migrating graph data from relational sources to Amazon Neptune. The AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) enables you to migrate data from one data source to another. Using relational databases as source and Neptune as destination allows customers to copy their connected data into Neptune for graph queries.  

Customers using both relational and graph databases today manually load their data into Neptune. DMS minimizes the manual effort to carry out the workflow. Using DMS, you can configure a destination endpoint to existing Neptune databases. DMS will carry out a full copy of data from relational databases to Neptune. The DMS workflow allows you to target either a RDF model or a property graph model by specifying the appropriate mapping file for each data model.

DMS version 3.3.2 supports Amazon Neptune as the destination endpoint. You can configure DMS using the AWS Management Console, AWS SDK or CLI. You will be charged for Neptune usage, the usage of DMS compute resources used during the migration process and any additional log storage. 

Please refer to the Amazon Neptune User Guide, Neptune pricing, and DMS pricing pages for more details and regional availability.

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