Posted On: Jun 25, 2020

AWS Fargate is now available in the Europe (Milan) Region.  

AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine which allows customers to deploy and manage containerized applications without having to manage any of the underlying infrastructure. Fargate makes it easy to scale applications and improves security through application isolation by design. Starting today, you can run applications orchestrated by Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) using Fargate launch type in the region.

With Fargate, billing is at a per second granularity and customers only pay for the amount of vCPU and memory resources consumed by their application. Additionally, customers can deploy interrupt-tolerant applications on Fargate Spot to get up to 70% discount compared to Fargate prices. Customers can also avail flexible pricing with Compute Savings Plan and save up to 50% on Fargate in exchange for making a commitment to a consistent amount of compute usage for a 1 or 3 year term. For more information on pricing options, see Fargate Pricing Page.  

For a full list of AWS Regions where Fargate is available, visit the Region Table.