Announcing CDK Pipelines Preview, continuous delivery for AWS CDK applications

Posted on: Jul 15, 2020

CDK Pipelines is a construct library for the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) that makes it easy to set up simple or complex continuous delivery pipelines with AWS CodePipeline. With CDK Pipelines, development teams can define and share “pipelines-as-code” patterns for deploying their applications. Teams can easily add stages to their pipeline to deploy their applications across multiple AWS accounts or additional AWS Regions. 

CDK Pipelines gets your continuous pipeline started quickly by automatically creating several predefined stages and actions, and makes it easy to add more stages and actions to suit your needs. The pipeline created by CDK Pipelines is self-mutating. This means you only need to deploy the pipeline once to get it started and, after that, the pipeline automatically updates itself when you add new CDK applications or stages in the source code.  

CDK Pipelines is in Developer Preview and you can use it in all public AWS Regions

To get started with CDK Pipelines: