AWS Storage Gateway increases local cache storage by 4x for File Gateway

Posted on: Jul 7, 2020

AWS Storage Gateway now supports a local cache of up to 64 TB for File Gateway, improving performance for your on-premises applications by providing you with low-latency access to larger working data sets. Now, you can easily scale your gateway’s local cache to manage more of your application data closer to your on-premises applications and users.  

With this launch, you can improve performance for on-premises applications by managing larger on-premises file shares to manage more of your working data sets in the local cache. The increased scale of the local cache enables you to keep more data on premises minimizing your data access and restore times. Additionally, you can now buffer more data in the local cache for upload when you have limited network bandwidth available to upload data from your gateway to Amazon S3. 

Storage Gateway is a hybrid cloud storage service that provides on-premises applications access to virtually unlimited cloud storage using NFS, SMB, iSCSI, and iSCSI-VTL interfaces through file, tape, and volume gateways. You can use the service for backing up and archiving data to AWS, providing on-premises file shares backed by cloud storage, and providing on-premises applications low-latency access to in-cloud data. 

This expanded capability is available on new gateways starting today in every Region where AWS Storage Gateway is available. For existing gateways this new capability will be made available during the next scheduled software update. To learn more, visit the AWS Storage Gateway User Guide.