Posted On: Sep 14, 2020

AWS Step Functions now supports tracing end-to-end workflows with AWS X-Ray, giving you full visibility across state machine executions and making it easier to analyze and debug your distributed applications.

AWS Step Functions allows you to build resilient serverless workflows using AWS services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon SNS, and Amazon DynamoDB. AWS X-Ray helps you analyze and debug your distributed applications, such as those built using a microservices architecture. Together, you can leverage the orchestration capabilities of Step Functions with the tracing, visualization, and debug capabilities of AWS X-Ray to build, monitor and quickly debug serverless applications running at scale on AWS.

With X-Ray’s service map view, you can visually identify errors in resources, view error rates across your workflow executions, and drill down to root cause the source of an error. Application performance can be improved by analyzing jitter and debugging high latency paths.

X-Ray can be enabled with the single click of a button in the console, via AWS CloudFormation, or by enabling X-Ray tracing within a service that invokes a state machine execution. This feature is available in all regions where both AWS Step Functions and AWS X-Ray are available. View the AWS Regions table to learn more.

To learn more about the integration of Step Functions with AWS X-Ray, view our blog post, read the Developer Guide, and try enabling X-Ray for a sample project or an existing state machine.