Posted On: Sep 30, 2020

Starting today, if you have live, 24x7 video distribution workflows, you can take advantage of discounted outbound data transfer pricing using AWS Elemental MediaConnect. With discounted outbound bandwidth, you can reduce outbound data transfer costs by as much as 70% based on current pricing. With a 12-month commitment to MediaConnect, you reserve outbound bandwidth in 50, 150, 500, and 1500 Mbps tiers in any region where MediaConnect is supported. Reserved outbound bandwidth covers traffic sent by MediaConnect to the internet. You are billed hourly for the reservation and any excess usage is billed at on-demand rates. For more information, see the MediaConnect pricing webpage.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a reliable, secure, and flexible transport service for live video that enables broadcasters and content owners to build live video workflows and securely share live content with partners and customers. MediaConnect helps customers who run 24x7 TV channels or stream live events transport high-bitrate live video streams into, through, and out of the AWS Cloud in a fraction of the time and cost of satellite or fiber services. MediaConnect can function as a standalone service or within a larger video workflow that includes other AWS services, including AWS Elemental Media Services.

Visit the AWS Region Table for a full list of AWS Regions where MediaConnect is available. To learn more, visit the MediaConnect overview page.