Posted On: Dec 30, 2020

Today, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) launched a new management console. You can now create, edit, view, and delete Amazon ECS services and tasks, and view ECS clusters in fewer simpler steps. You can also learn about ECS capabilities and discover your ECS resources quickly and easily in the new console, as well as switch back to the existing console if needed. The new console will be continuously updated until all functionality from the existing console is available, and both consoles will be available to use until this time.

On the cluster page, you can see the number of services and tasks in each cluster in your account and status for the resources. Clicking into a cluster lets you see all services and tasks along with which task definition family and revision is used. You can also see when each task started, letting you debug more easily, and customize information in the table by modifying columns. Clicking into a particular service, you can prominently see key information such as health summary and deployment status.

The console also has a guided form to deploy a new service or task, or edit an existing service. The form walks you through what is required for either a service or task and sets up defaults on your behalf for load balancing, VPC networking, and a capacity provider strategy including AWS Fargate. You can also expand help panels to get more context on all features in the form.

The console can be accessed through a toggle that lets you to switch between the new and existing experiences. You may toggle back to the existing console for any functionality not yet supported, and provide feedback by clicking the link underneath the toggle. This toggle or clicking into an experience that is not yet supported e.g. Create a cluster, switches you to the corresponding page in the existing console, so you can continue where you left off. Your toggle preference is also saved for the next time you return to the console.

The new ECS console is available in all public AWS regions. To get started, see the following list of resources:

  • Navigate to the new Amazon ECS console here.
  • Create a new service using the new console with steps here.