Posted On: Mar 16, 2021

Today, AWS Copilot launched version 1.4 which now provides more operational capabilities for applications hosted on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). This allows you to directly access a container to troubleshoot and run commands with ECS exec. AWS Copilot also added the ability to deploy applications from a Bitbucket repository and attach Amazon Elastic File Service (EFS) volumes.

You can now access your containers directly from your command-line shell using AWS Copilot’s exec command powered by the ECS exec feature. This lets you safely debug your applications while they’re running in the cloud. AWS Copilot also supports adding a deployment pipeline to safely deploy resources from Bitbucket repositories, in addition to the existing GitHub and AWS CodeCommit options. You may also quickly connect your application to an existing EFS file system using the new 'storage' field in your application's AWS Copilot manifest.

To get started, see the following resources:

  • Refer to the AWS Copilot release notes for v1.4 here.
  • Read the documentation for AWS Copilot exec for services and tasks.
  • See the blog post of using ECS Exec with AWS Copilot here.
  • AWS Copilot can deploy applications to AWS Fargate supported regions and is available for download on Mac and Linux here.