Posted On: Aug 11, 2021

Amazon EMR now supports Amazon S3 Access Points, a feature of Amazon S3 that allows you to easily manage access for shared data lakes. Using your S3 Access Point alias, you can simplify your data access at scale on Amazon EMR.

As you build more data lakes on S3, managing access for hundreds of users and applications on a shared datasetcan become complex. With S3 Access Points, you can simplify your access control for different applicationsrunning on your Amazon EMR cluster.

For example, you can create a single shared data lake for your organization on S3. You can create hundreds of S3 Access Points on the shared data lake, each corresponding to a department in your organization and with specific access permissions. You can then use each department’s corresponding S3 Access Point with your Amazon EMR application, and provide access only to the specific data needed.

You can use S3 Access Points with all versions of Amazon EMR at no additional cost in all AWS regions whereAmazon EMR is available. To learn more about S3 Access Points and Access Point aliases, visit the documentation, feature page, and FAQs.