Posted On: Aug 6, 2021

Contact Center supervisors can now use Rules in Amazon Connect to categorize contacts with more granularity. You can also generate an Amazon Connect Task for a supervisor to further investigate customer experience issues and follow-up, or configure Rules to automatically generate an EventBridge event.

Contact Lens enables Amazon Connect customers to use speech analytics powered by machine learning to access live call transcripts, understand customer sentiment, and identify call drivers in real-time. In addition to creating rules in Amazon Connect based on keywords and phrases, supervisors can now use rules to be alerted about customer issues based on contact details (e.g. agent names, queue names, sentiment scores, non-talk time, interruptions, custom contact attributes).

This means For example, you can setup a rule to alert QA managers when a VIP customer mentions “cancel my subscription”, or to inform the sales team when a new customer mentions “I’d like to upgrade my account”. You can also create rules that automatically generate tasks or EventBridge events and then kickoff a workflow to route a task to an agent, or use the event to notify managers on other teams (e.g. compliance team, sales).

With Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, you only pay for what you use based on the number of minutes used. To learn more about Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, please visit our webpage. You may incur charges for Amazon Eventbridge usage and Task usage. Please see Amazon EventBridge Pricing and Amazon Connect pricing for more information. To learn more about how to use the Amazon EventBridge event bus, please visit our help documentation.