Posted On: Sep 9, 2021

Manage and monitor your applications on AWS seamlessly and easily with new service integrations for AWS Systems Manager Application Manager and CloudWatch Application Insights. AWS Systems Manager Application Manager is a service in AWS Systems Manager which brings together operations information from multiple AWS services so customers can investigate and remediate issues. CloudWatch Application Insights is a service that helps customers easily setup monitoring and troubleshoot their enterprise applications running on AWS resources. Together, the two services provide a combined view of your application health and an ability to dive deep into problems to quickly resolve issues.

With this service integration, customers can now with one click automatically setup monitoring of their applications directly from the Application Manager Console enabling them to see the monitoring summary and problem details for their monitored applications. The service will discover the resources in your application Resource Group and configure the recommended metrics, telemetry, logs and alarms. If you want to dive deep into your application issue you can click through on the problem which will take you directly to CloudWatch Application Insights for further analysis.

Application Manager can be found in Systems Manager in the left navigation panel under Application Management. Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights can be accessed directly via the Insights tab in the CloudWatch left panel. The integrated application management services are available in all AWS commercial regions. To learn more about the services visit the respective product pages for Systems Manager and Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights.