Posted On: Sep 2, 2021

The Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class automates storage cost savings for a wider range of workloads by eliminating the minimum storage duration, and removing the low per-object monitoring and automation charges for objects smaller than 128 KB. S3 Intelligent-Tiering is the only cloud storage class that delivers automatic storage cost savings when data access patterns change, without performance impact or operational overhead. Previously, S3 Intelligent-Tiering was optimized for long-lived objects stored for a minimum of 30 days and objects larger than 128 KB. With these changes, S3 Intelligent-Tiering is the ideal storage class for data with unknown, changing, or unpredictable access patterns, independent of object size or retention period. You can use S3 Intelligent-Tiering as the default storage class for data lakes, analytics, and new applications.

The Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class is designed to optimize storage costs by automatically moving data to the most cost-effective access tier when access patterns change. For a low monthly object monitoring and automation charge, S3 Intelligent-Tiering monitors access patterns and automatically moves objects that have not been accessed to lower cost access tiers. S3 Intelligent-Tiering delivers automatic storage cost savings in two low latency and high throughput access tiers. For data that can be accessed asynchronously, customers can choose to activate automatic archiving capabilities within the S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class. There are no retrieval charges in S3 Intelligent-Tiering. If an object in the infrequent access tier is accessed later, it is automatically moved back to the frequent access tier. No additional tiering charges apply when objects are moved between access tiers within the S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class. You can now configure S3 Intelligent-Tiering as your storage class for newly created data by specifying INTELLIGENT-TIERING on your S3 PUT API request header. S3 Intelligent-Tiering is designed for 99.9% availability and 99.999999999% durability.

Effective today, the S3 Intelligent-Tiering monitoring and automation charge for objects smaller than 128 KB will no longer be charged, this includes new and existing objects. Also, effective today for all new and existing objects in S3 Intelligent-Tiering, you will not accrue pro-rated charges for objects deleted, transitioned, or overwritten within 30 days.

S3 Intelligent-Tiering is available in all public AWS Regions, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, the AWS China (Beijing) Region, operated by Sinnet, and the AWS China (Ningxia) Region, operated by NWCD. To learn more, see the S3 Intelligent-Tiering page, the S3 pricing page, the user guide, and get started in the S3 console.