Posted On: Nov 18, 2021

Amazon OpenSearch Service now offers AWS Graviton2 general purpose - M6g instance family. Customers can enjoy up to 38% improvement in indexing throughput, 50% reduction in indexing latency, and 30% improvement in query performance when compared to the corresponding x86-based instances from the current generation M5.

Amazon EC2 M6g instances and their disk variants are powered by AWS Graviton2 processors that are built utilizing 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores and custom silicon designed by AWS. AWS Graviton2 processors deliver a major leap in performance and capabilities. AWS Graviton2 instances are built on the AWS Nitro System, a collection of AWS-designed hardware and software innovations that enable the delivery of efficient, flexible, and secure cloud services with isolated multi-tenancy, private networking, and fast local storage. Amazon OpenSearch Service Graviton2 instances come in sizes large through 12xlarge and offer compute, memory, and storage flexibility.

Amazon OpenSearch Service Graviton2 instances support Elasticsearch version 7.9, 7.10 and OpenSearch 1.0. The instances also include support for all recently launched features like encryption at rest and in-flight, role-based access control, cross-cluster search, Auto-Tune, Trace Analytics, Kibana Reporting, and UltraWarm.

Amazon OpenSearch Service Graviton2 instances provide up to 44% price/performance improvement over previous generation instances. Further savings are available via Reserved Instance (RI) pricing for these instances.

M6g is available for Amazon OpenSearch Service across 20 regions globally. Please refer to the AWS Region Table for more information about Amazon OpenSearch Service availability. To learn more about Amazon OpenSearch Service, please visit the product page.