Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

AWS Compute Optimizer now offers enhanced infrastructure metrics, a paid feature that when activated, enhances your Amazon EC2 instance and Auto Scaling group recommendations by capturing monthly or quarterly utilization patterns. Compute Optimizer does this by ingesting and analyzing up to six times more Amazon CloudWatch utilization metrics history than the default Compute Optimizer option (up to 3 months of history vs. 14 days). You can activate the feature at the organization, account, or resource level via the Compute Optimizer console or API for all existing and newly created EC2 instances and Auto Scaling groups.

Enhanced infrastructure metrics is available in all Regions that AWS Compute Optimizer is available in, except for AWS Regions in China. The feature costs $0.0003360215 per hour and is charged based on the number of hours per month the resource is running. For more information on enhanced infrastructure metrics, see this blog and Compute Optimizer documentation, pricing, and FAQs.