Posted On: Dec 1, 2021

Amazon DynamoDB announces the new Amazon DynamoDB Standard-Infrequent Access (DynamoDB Standard-IA) table class, which helps you reduce your DynamoDB costs by up to 60 percent for tables that store infrequently accessed data. The DynamoDB Standard-IA table class is ideal for use cases that require long-term storage of data that is infrequently accessed, such as application logs, old social media posts, e-commerce order history, and past gaming achievements.

Now, you can optimize the costs of your DynamoDB workloads based on your tables’ storage requirements and data access patterns. The new DynamoDB Standard-IA table class offers 60 percent lower storage costs than the existing DynamoDB Standard tables, making it the most cost-effective option for tables with storage as the dominant table cost. The existing DynamoDB Standard table class offers 20 percent lower throughput costs than the DynamoDB Standard-IA table class. DynamoDB Standard remains your default table class and the most cost-effective option for the wider variety of tables that store frequently accessed data with throughput as the dominant table cost. You can switch between DynamoDB Standard and DynamoDB Standard-IA table classes with no impact on table performance, durability, or availability and without changing your application code. For more information about using DynamoDB Standard-IA check the DynamoDB Developer Guide.

DynamoDB Standard-IA is now available in all AWS Regions, except China Regions and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more about DynamoDB Standard-IA pricing, see the DynamoDB pricing page. To get started using this new table class, go to the DynamoDB console, or use the AWS CLI or AWS SDK.