Posted On: Dec 6, 2021

Amazon S3 File Gateway now enables you to force-close locked files on SMB file shares on Amazon S3 File Gateway by providing access to local security groups. Amazon S3 File Gateway provides on-premises applications with file-based, cached access to virtually unlimited cloud storage using SMB and NFS protocols. End users and applications using files on SMB shares, may stop working on those files without closing them. This leaves the files in an open, or locked, state. Until now, gateway administrators did not have permissions to close these files.

You can now seamlessly assign force-closing permissions to users and groups from the connected Active Directory, by adding them to the GatewayAdmin local group using the AWS Storage Gateway console, API, or CLI. The GatewayAdmin local group provides the permissions needed to force the closing of locked files on a given gateway. Those added groups or individuals can then use the same windows tools they use today to unlock files on SMB file shares on the same gateway.

This capability is now available on new gateways in all commercial regions. For existing gateways, this new capability will be made available during the next scheduled software update. Visit the AWS Storage Gateway product page to learn more and access the AWS Storage Gateway console to get started.