Posted On: Feb 4, 2022

AWS Launch Wizard now allows you to deploy SAP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.7 and 7.9 versions. This allows you to take advantage of the latest RHEL operating system (OS) versions to support your SAP systems running on AWS. Additionally, with this launch, you can bring existing RHEL subscriptions to support new SAP deployments with Launch Wizard. This gives you the flexibility to choose between license-included images from AWS Marketplace, or images from the Red Hat Cloud Access program.

AWS Launch Wizard offers a guided way of sizing, configuring, and deploying AWS resources for third party applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server Always On and HANA based SAP systems, without the need to manually identify and provision individual AWS resources. With AWS Launch Wizard, you can deploy production-ready SAP systems on AWS in hours vs. weeks or months, and scale them out in minutes. Launch Wizard also makes it easy to adopt the latest software and operating system innovations from SAP and OS vendors.

To get started, visit the AWS Launch Wizard page. To learn why 5,000+ customers choose AWS to get more value out of their SAP investments, visit the SAP on AWS page.