Posted On: May 25, 2022

Amazon ElastiCache for Redis and Amazon MemoryDB for Redis now support natively storing and accessing data in the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. With this launch, application developers can effortlessly store, fetch, and update their JSON data inside Redis without needing to manage custom code for serialization and deserialization. Using ElastiCache and MemoryDB, you can now efficiently retrieve and update specific portions of a JSON document without needing to manipulate the entire object, which can help improve performance and help reduce cost. You can also search your JSON document contents using the JSONPath query syntax.

JSON support is available for Redis version 6.2 and above for ElastiCache and MemoryDB in all available regions, at no additional cost. To get started, create a new cluster using the AWS Management Console for ElastiCache or the AWS Management Console for MemoryDB, and the new JSON data type and associated commands will be available to use. To learn more, see our post on the AWS Database Blog, the documentation for ElastiCache and MemoryDB, and the JSON command reference for ElastiCache and MemoryDB.