Posted On: Nov 28, 2022

Today we are announcing the Braket Algorithm Library, an open-source, GitHub repository that provides researchers ready-to-use Python implementations for a set of popular quantum algorithms, reducing the time it takes to get started on Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket, the quantum computing service from AWS, provides customers access to quantum computers and managed simulators. Researchers interested in contributing to the effort can start by viewing our open-source contribution guidelines.

When experimenting with quantum computers and building quantum algorithms, research scientists often find it difficult to get started. Researchers want to work on writing their new algorithm code, and not spend time setting up interactive development environments, estimating costs to test their code on classical and quantum hardware, and stitching together common subroutines. With this launch, Braket customers have access to Python implementations of prominent quantum algorithms such as Quantum Phase Estimation, Quantum Circuit Born Machine, and Quantum Walks - each available as ready-to-run code that can be integrated into more complex algorithms. Through the Braket console, researchers can easily run these algorithms directly in a Jupyter notebook rather than copying over the code from GitHub. In these self contained examples, customers can run the algorithm locally, on a managed simulator, or through a quantum computer, estimating their costs along the way. 

The Braket Algorithm Library is accessible today through the Braket console or GitHub at no additional cost in all regions where Amazon Braket is available. Researchers at accredited institutions can apply for credits to support experiments on Braket through the AWS Cloud Credits for Research program