Posted On: Feb 10, 2023

AWS Elemental MediaConnect has expanded the availability of event notifications in Amazon EventBridge. You can now see notifications for flow, source, and output state changes to more closely monitor your live broadcast operations. You can also use EventBridge to build event-driven applications to correct issues that may be impacting your MediaConnect flows.

The new event notifications include “MediaConnect Alert” when a flow is not operating as expected, “MediaConnect Source Health” when a flow source is impacted, and “MediaConnect Output Health” when a flow output is impacted. You can create your own rules in EventBridge for these event notifications to immediately alert operators to help diagnose and remediate issues.

MediaConnect support for Amazon EventBridge is available in all AWS Regions where MediaConnect is available. You can get started by using the AWS Management Console or AWS CLI commands of EventBridge. Events and rules published by MediaConnect are available for free in EventBridge, and for more information see the EventBridge pricing page.

To learn more, visit the MediaConnect overview page and read the MediaConnect documentation.