Posted On: May 18, 2023

You can now use AWS CloudFormation templates to create and manage Amazon Neptune Serverless clusters in all AWS Regions where Neptune Serverless is supported. You can also use CloudFormation templates to perform in-place engine version upgrades for your Neptune clusters.

Amazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, and fully managed graph database as a service that makes it easier to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets. Amazon Neptune Serverless allows you to run and instantly scale graph workloads, without the need to manage and optimize capacity. Neptune Serverless automatically determines and provisions the compute and memory resources to run the graph database, and scales capacity based on the workload’s changing requirements to maintain consistent performance. Neptune Serverless reduces costs by up to 90% compared with provisioning for peak capacity. With Neptune Serverless, you only pay for the database capacity you consume, making it cost effective for unpredictable workloads with long off-peak times and sudden bursts of activity.

To get started, use the CloudFormation templates here to launch a Neptune Serverless cluster. For more information on pricing and region availability, refer to the Neptune pricing page and AWS Region Table