Posted On: Oct 24, 2023

Today, AWS IoT Core announced the ability to create private AWS IoT Core Credential Provider endpoints in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to improve the security posture of your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. AWS IoT Core is a fully managed cloud service that supports connectivity for billions of devices, while AWS IoT Core’s Credential Provider feature authenticates software clients and IoT devices to AWS services using X.509 client certificates.

Customers who want to connect their devices to private networks and use X.509 client certificates for authenticating requests to AWS services, can use VPC endpoints for AWS IoT Core Credential Provider to align with their organizations’ security best practices and requirements. For example, an operational network of an assembly line at a factory can be extended into a VPC in AWS via Virtual Private Network (VPN), no longer needing to allow public internet access for equipment to reach AWS IoT Core’s Credential Provider, which further improves the security posture. This feature is available via AWS PrivateLink, a service that you can use to privately connect your VPC to services as if they were in your VPC.

For pricing information on AWS PrivateLink and AWS IoT Core, please see the AWS PrivateLink and AWS IoT Core pricing pages respectively. The feature is generally available in all commercial regions where AWS IoT Core is available. To get started, please refer to technical documentation.