Posted On: Dec 27, 2023

With AWS Elemental Mediatailor, you can now begin playback of a Standard Channel Assembly channel outside of the current live window using the time shifting feature.

Time shifting allows you to simplify channel schedules in different timezones with a simple query string or provide start-over over functionality to allow viewers to start a channel from the beginning of a program. You can time shift a channel in three ways: offset to the past by a specified number of seconds, start from a specified timestamp, or start from a specified program. There is no additional cost for time shifting, only the cost per hour for running a standard channel applies. See the MediaTailor user guide and pricing page for more details.

Using Channel Assembly with MediaTailor, you can create linear channels that are delivered over-the-top (OTT) in a cost-efficient way, even for channels with low viewership. You can create virtual linear streams with a low running cost by using existing multi-bitrate encoded and packaged live or VOD content. You can also monetize Channel Assembly linear streams by inserting ad breaks without having to condition the content with SCTE-35 markers.

Visit the AWS global region table for a full list of AWS Regions where AWS Elemental MediaTailor is available.